FSS books.

Our FSS books were initially aimed at those already practicing our games and exercises; we hoped that they would help our participants develop the skills that they were studying. However, it turned out that our books far exceeded their initial purpose. Some knowing and sensitive people were able to take the books and begin playing games and working on self perfection with their friends and family. This fact has inspired the author to edit the contents of her book. After all, there is no need for the seminar to completely retell the books. As a result, the third edition of the Orange and Green books turned out to be final and the books grew in popularity. However, it is important to remember that the books affect people deeper and stronger when they are combined with the practice and communication that our real instructors have to offer. Now it is time for the author to start her Red Book.


The Beginning.

The Orange Book discusses the basic principles and techniques of our method. The book is rich in keen examples of real people that have partaken in our program. For example, it includes and describes the structure of lessons for children who are 3 years or older. Furthermore, half of this book is dedicated to practical games and exercises that are applicable to all kinds of people. However, this book doesn’t discuss FSS' five essential principles; that is what the Red Book is about.

«Family Soft School. Up to three and so on…»

The Green Book is all about practicing with beginners or children who are up to 3 years old. It describes basic exercises and the elementary stages of mastering them. Moreover, it includes different game options that can be used to help and practice with these children.

You can get this book from your FSS teacher during our seminars or by emailing us about SOFT SCHOOL BOOKS at: softschoolru@gmail.com