Teaching techniques for parents and new instructors.

Our practices and techniques are learned gradually, step by step through practice. A similar parallel is when small children start repeating the sounds and words their parents make, without really understanding the specifics of the language they are speaking. It is only after they go to school, that they are able to gain technical knowledge on their language system. It would never occur to anyone to teach a toddler what a conjugation is. Similarly, in FSS our learning starts with practice, playing, and living through and gathering experiences with other families.

What I find wonderful about FSS is that most of our students are average, everyday, or even future parents that want to be more conscious and aware of their parenting styles. We’re not an exclusive, elitist group. Our goal is to help all children and provide a space of love and growth. Thus, our seminars are useful for all adults.

We hold our future instructors to incredibly high standards. Our application and training process is so rigorous because we know that our trainees will go on and teach real people. Thus, they should have a deep understanding of what they are doing and teaching. We accomplish this by making sure that all our instructors undergo numerous practice sections. This guarantees that they have a lot of experience. Moreover, our hired instructors still need to keep in contact with our FSS headquarters, pass continuous supervisory visits, and continue upgrading their skills. This ensures that they keep working hard and providing a productive FSS experience.

The parents and specialists who attend our seminars for professional or self-development reasons are provided with less conditions and demands. They are allowed to have less practice and supervisory examinations, but they are not granted official certificates.

How to become an instructor…

  • It is better to start with my classes because I am the author of this methodology.
  • Furthermore, we recommended that you start training in our official classes.
  • This way you can be helped by authorized instructors. You can find these class listings on our website.
  • You can also visit cities with official classes and immerse yourself in their intensive training schedules.
  • If you can’t travel, you can invite an authorized instructor to your city. This way they will be able to give you an introductory seminar.
  • Moreover, we recommend that you go on our field trip training sessions. This way you can meet the author of our methodology and get many varied FSS experiences.
  • At the same time, it is also necessary that you read my books.
  • After gaining some FSS experience, it is possible for you to attend a seminar. If you’re interested in this check out our calendar page.
  • If you pass all of our tests, you will be able to train with an experienced, authorized instructor and start your own group.
  • Finally, you will be asked to pass our supervised examinations. This will demonstrate that you are a strong leader and instructor.
  • After all of this you will be able to attend our future seminars.


We currently have 4 seminar levels — 4 main grades of development. Each seminar is 10 hours long. Attending all our seminars and learning between them will take around 2−3 years. While this might seem like a long time, this process is incredibly rewarding. After 3 years of practice, our instructors find that a whole new world has opened up to them.

Throughout our process, it is incredibly important that you stay motivated. You need to asks yourself why you’re joining our program, what your motivation is, and who you are as a person. You should be enjoying yourself, but you shouldn’t be joining our program because of money or fame.

Our instructors should be mentally healthy, outgoing, understanding, physically flexible, responsible, and honest. Furthermore, our instructors need to be mentally and emotionally flexible, courageous, enthusiastic, passionate, and eager to advance the goals of the Family Soft School. In other words, the instructor needs to be a believer and example of our methodology.

Our methodology might seem simple, but once you become immersed in it you will realize how deep it is. We are responsible for the unity between people’s souls and bodies.



This first seminar is all about getting to know Family Soft School and what the program entails. You will be asked to get into groups with people of various ages, our participants ranging from 1 to 101 years old, in cities that do not have FSS instructors. You will be learning about our general methodology and about the games we use. The seminar is given by the author of the methodology and/or by instructors; it is also authorized by the author. Furthermore, it is possible to invite a specialist for the Transparent Seminar by sending a request to this email: smh_ekb@mail.ru



Requirement: You will need to have at least 7 hours of practice before you can go to this seminar..

Content: This seminar’s theory is practical and usable in everyday life. The seminar will focus on practically organized information, games, tasks and exercises. The main subjects of the seminar are your acquaintance with our methodology, our main principles, and our ways of work. You will also be learning about the history of the Family Soft School. Moreover, you will be discovering ways to find fulfillment and happiness for both yourself and your students. You will also be asked to study and think about different diagnostic principles. For example, how would you be able to give a class together with your own child? How do you invoke praise vs. punishment with the goal of childhood development? Finally, you will be gaining experience with our basic FSS exercises.

Status after the seminar — student. After the seminar, you will need to start practicing our games with your friends and relatives. If you desire to become a specialist of the Family Soft School, but you lack medical, pedagogical or psychological education, now is the time to start filling up that gap.



Before this seminar you must have:

  • At least 28 hours of practice.
  • Passed the Lilac seminar.
  • Read the following: Ella Gloushkova «Family Soft School. The Beginning», Norman Doidge «The Brain That Changes Itself», Yeremeyeva «Boys and Girls. Two Different Worlds».

Content: Just like with our last program, this seminar’s theory is practical. This means that is usable outside of our class and trainings.

Within this seminar, you will be taught how to give classes. We will focus on structure, rhythm, temp, group and specific personalities, voice, and phrasing. We will also focus on the fundamental formation of healthy personalities in different practical applications. We will focus on preventative measures for learned helplessness. Just like always, there will be neuropsychological ground for our principles and our methodology. You will also be taught how to work with special kids, expecting families, and large families. This relates to the preventive measures we teach that fight emotional burnout. It’s all about keeping an emotional balance.

Status after the seminar — student. It is necessary to continue getting practice from our Family Soft School specialists and giving out classes to friends and relatives. As a reward, at this level it is possible to join a closed group on Facebook that is reserved for FSS instructors. This group is incredibly helpful because it is full of useful materials, is a rich resource for communicating between fellow-thinker, and is a place for professional growth.



Before you can go to this seminar you must meet the following requirements:

  • Total minimum of practice — 44 hours with experienced teachers plus 20 hours of your own classes.
  • You must have passed the Lilac, the Orange and at least one Supporting seminar
  • You must have read: Ella Gloushkova «Family Soft School. Up to three and so on…», Sue Gerhardt «Why Love Matters. How affection shapes a baby’s brain»,
  • You must have learned the materials in the «Poputchiki» group on Facebook.
  • You must have passed at least one examination by the author of our FSS methodology. For your test, your lesson will be recorded and then shown to Ella. She will decide whether or not to pass you.

Attention! The parents of the young children, babies, and toddlers in our program can attend this seminar without any special preparation.

Content: lots of body-oriented practice. Once again, we will be working with various age group. This includes babies as well as older children. You might ask, «Why do we involve babies in our program and how does this help the parents?» Well we believe that involving babies is an essential part of FSS. Our exercises can help with a baby’s temperament, form/recover their body scheme, and help promote healthy movements. We will also be working with children with acute and permanent injuries. Testing and developing reflexes through our program is necessary to the healthy formation of a child’s psychology. By working with reflexes, we are able to master basic exercises that are meant for children, babies, and young children.

Status after the seminar — trainee (if the supervision is approved by the author of the methodology). You will be included on our website’s list of trainees for one year. However, you’re not done yet. The trainee can continue developing within the method!



Before this seminar you will need:

  • A total minimum of 120 hours of practice — 60 hours with experienced teachers plus 60 hours of your own classes.
  • At least 3 supervisory tests, approved by the author of the methodology.

Content: This seminar is our most practical, body-oriented one. We will discuss and practice the techniques of our games and exercises in a well-defined structure. This structure is based on the Five Basic Exercises and involves gradual, step-by-step practices for families with children 3 years of age or older.

  • Acrobatics (safe and soft falls and somersaults);
  • Creep outs
  • Pushes
  • Writhing
  • Adhesion.

Once again, this seminar will focus on how to work with pregnant women, multi-children families, and people with special developmental needs.

Status after the seminar — specialist (if the supervision is approved by the author of the methodology). After this seminar, you will be able to start working, as a professional, with the Family Soft School methodology. This means that you will be able to use the Family Soft School brand, logo, and name. You will also have a personal page on our website for a year. It is important to note that you will be retested annually. You will need to either hold at least one acquainting seminar or pass an exam by the author of our methodology.