Getaway Trips — they’re great!

While being close to our workshops is great, we also understand that illnesses, traffic jams, and bad weather spouts occur. It’s wonderful when you can play with all of your family under the direction of a responsive and conscious teacher once or twice per week, but sometimes there are no Family Soft Schools nearby. Our Getaway trips are a good way of practicing and mastering our techniques. On top of that our getaways also include a whole bunch of amenities and utilities, such as the intensity of our training, the different seminars we provide, the immersive aspect of our a friendly and lively atmosphere of soft school families, and our contact with nature and new, interesting places.

We have organized our Getaway Trips since 2002, which means that our trainers are very experienced and organized. Our teachers' skills are constantly growing and as the amount of memberships we have rises, so do our success rates!

Getaway workshops

  • We frequently add seminars to our tight schedules of practical trainings; these are open to groups of all ages.
  • Bulk workshops are helpful for people who do not have FSS trainers in their towns.
  • Our workshops allow you to gain a deeper understanding of our methodology, become friends with your child, improve the result of your own experience, and help better our trainers. .
  • Our nature excursions, such as the ones to the sea or the mountains, heal and restore our participant’s bionomics.
  • Our getaways allow you to form connections with like-minded people, which often transform into long-lasting, mutually enriching friendships.
  • We promote social integration, allow for new experiences, and produce new challenges and solutions, thus enriching our participants' problem-solving skills.
  • Interestingly, even though we include a lot high-intensity activities, our participants are joyful and energetic. They do not lose their energy. Instead, they are literally bursting with the desire to live, grow, and share their experiences with others.

How does it look like?

Our getaway workshops are all very different. It all depends on their location, the type of participants present, and everyone’s goals. For example, one of our Family Soft School workshops is 1−5 weeks long and located on the beach of Crimea. Our 1−3 hour long trainings are held in the morning and evening; we practice when the weather is cool and nice. After the 1st day, the adults will go to a 2−3 hour seminar while their children are enjoying their siesta or quiet hour time. During these adult seminars, the children are constantly being supervised by our special, FSS approved babysitters. Furthermore, these getaways aren’t all seminars and exercises. Every Sunday we make time to tour the closest bays and take trips to the local attractions. At the same time, our program isn’t overly restrictive. All the household decisions, such as rooming, food, and transportation, are taken care of individually by every participant. Thus, the number of participants is almost unlimited and the participants are able to get to new levels of courage, independence and relaxation.

We also offer a 2−3 week program in Greece. After our morning practices, we go visit picturesque historic site and local olive or cheese farms. There, certain families teach our participants about Greek history, give us fun tasks to accomplish, and bring to the life the many Greek legends we have all heard of. After dinner, we have a seminar for our adult participants. Afterwards, we have creative activities ready for the whole family. We end the night by reading the children fairy tales, tucking them into bed, and then gathering together once all the small kids are asleep. These getaways are usually planned by our local fans and active participant. Unlike the beach trip, places are usually limited. However, this is still advantageous because the trips become very cozy, warm and deep.

We also have a Great Russian nature trip. This trip is incredibly active and hands on. We live in tents and practice wilderness techniques. We hike, make campfires, play guitar, and have a lot of fun group activities! This type of getaways can have a lot of different variations; it’s all based on the number of participating families and who is organizing our trip.

Even though our trip locations vary, our getaways do have some similarities.

  • Everyday activities with children of all ages and developmental specifics
  • Seminars for our adult participants
  • Creative games that follow our Family Soft School principles
  • Exercises that allow our participants to gain knowledge on the location’s landscape and culture

Where are we going to go next?

Our next getaway trips (and other plans of Family Soft School) are in this calendar. Stay tuned!