Webinars — an opportunity to learn our methodology from anywhere in the world

Our technique has grown in popularity, but it is still young. Therefore, not all cities and villages have a real FSS teacher. Yet, even if the programs aren’t there, the demand is. Children are constantly growing and wanting to play. Thus, we offer webinars for parents and teachers. In our webinars the author of our method talks about how to use the FSS at home, how to make contact, and how to play for joy and development. Most importantly, our webinars are about practice, specific games, and exercises. Everyone who is watching will want to run, squeeze their child immediately, and begin practicing our methods.

Webinar «FSS for home — 1». May 2016

Before we uploaded our webinars, we examined all of the details of our four FSS games, used photographs of these exercises in different variations, and fixed any possible inaccuracies and mistakes. This ensured that every detail, technique, and general fact was correct. It also guaranteed that our viewers would be able to coordinate their yummy games and increase development and cooperation within their families. Our videos included things like: Pie for breakfast; A tree with fruits; Ball Search; Puppy and Booth. Ella, the creator of our program, answered these burning questions at the end of our webinar, which discussed different childhood relationships. As a result, the webinar turned out to be 2.5 hours long.

One mom, Irina, wrote: «Thank you very much! I waited for your seminar and watched it with great interest. The webinar was gorgeous! Ella spoke in a very lively manner. She was both exciting and understandable, which made the information very easy to learn. I’m the mother of a beautiful, one-year-old daughter, so for me all the information was relevant and important. After watching the seminar, I knew that I wanted to practice FSS with my daughter. I’ll also use FSS to focus on self improvement! Thank you for the webinar and I wish you success in your wonderful work!»

Webinar «FSS for home — 2». October 2016

This time, Ella taught her games with her youngest 9-year-old son, which turned out to be a very revealing and important experience. She was able to illustrate her relationship with her son and how our FSS games helped her cooperate with her own child. She showed her webinar participants several different exercises and warm-ups. For example, she showed them the Crane, Snowball, Carousel, Plate, and Caterpillar, Mower and Wild Horse, and Mousetrap.

Zhenya Rakhmatullina, another participants, wrote: «Ella, I am writing about your webinar. THANK YOU! :)) My son Timur was watching your seminar with me and afterwards we played with him. We loved listening and looking at you with Yan! As you said in the webinar — go and hug your child. In my opinion, that is exactly what we needed. «

Lisa Vidyakina, one our instructor, wrote: «Ella! It was so nice to watch you play and learn with Yan! It made me want to play too! I wanted to offer you some more specific feedback as well.

  1. In the Laundry game, I saw new moments and opportunities for myself. Before this exercise, I never imagined myself swinging by the shoulders and hips, running on all fours, and using my hands and feet for hugs.
  2. I really felt when you said that we had to invest in our children’s development.
  3. FSS' situational approach really got my attention.
  4. I really liked how the all the different families came together under FSS. As I was watching your video, I imagined that all the participants were sitting around a fire and welcoming the newcomers. Everyone was holding their children and looking extremely happy.
  5. I learned that I shouldn’t say «I can not». After participating in FSS, I noticed that those words have left my vocabulary. I still say «NO», but I haven’t said «I can’t» in a long time now. This makes me incredibly happy.
  6. Fill a little one with love!
  7. I learned that boredom inhibits development. This has given me a new parenting perspective.
  8. I was really inspired by what Yan said about rubbing, sculpting and and examining the face, more specifically about the second cheek. Now I want to play with my kids even more!
  9. I also learned a lot about how to handle adhesive children. I liked how you said to ask them to be your partners. Most importantly, I now want to hold Orange Seminars and inspire others to play with their children, just like you. Thanks Ella! «

Webinar «FSS for the house — 3». November 2016

This webinar turned out to be almost completely devoted to very young children. We discussed the essence of our soft-school approach and the games that we held. For example, we talked about the Mishka walking through the woods, Swings, Massages for 7 seconds, Scares, etc. The webinar discussed how to adapt these games for children of all ages and for adults.

Katia Romanova, another parent, said: «It was really nice to look and learn about looseness. You can really see the people in front of you and make contact with them.»

Webinar «FSS for home — 4». December 2016

This webinar is dedicated to FSS participants who are working with children with special developmental needs.

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