Introduction to Family Soft School

Family Soft School (FSS), a practice developed by Ella Glushkova, is an integrational children’s development method. FSS is unique in that it is available to children of all ages and developmental stages. This process consists of different games. More specifically, it is based on martial arts and aims for consistent expansion of innate human abilities. Children are taught to be flexible, courageous, brave, sensitive, and adaptable to different situations.

Ра­дост­но ви­деть, как де­ти, ро­див­ши­е­ся с по­мо­щью Ке­са­ре­ва се­че­ния, учат­ся пре­одо­ле­вать пре­пят­ствия, и как ги­пе­р­ак­тив­ные ста­но­вят­ся урав­но­ве­шен­ней и со­бран­ней, а за­стен­чи­вые сме­лей.

Элла Глушкова

Ella Glushkova

creator of FSS

Primary Principle:

One of the principles of Family Soft School is that children and parents work together. This not only improves the child’s personal development, but also improves the family’s overall communication. All principles

Key principles:

All the games and activities in FSS are based on these 5 basic, foundational exercises:

— Acrobatics (ex: somersaults and safe falls onto soft mats);

— Creep outs

— Pushes

— Wringing

— Adhesion

Methods and Exercises

What children is this program designed for?

FSS is developed for children 6 months and and older. It’s beneficial to all children: neurotypical children, children with psychological issues, and children with serious neurological pathologies. Everyone is welcome at Family Soft School!

What do the parents need to know?

You don’t need any prior knowledge to join FSS. As a parent, all you need is a desire to practice and comfortable clothing. However, please note that every parent is required to participate in two adult classes. Rules for parents.

Who teaches at Family Soft School?

Working at FSS might seem easy, but it’s actually a very challenging position. An FSS teacher has to be flexible, joyful, and courageous. They need to be able to participate in seminars and workshops, work on their own self-development, and open up their hearts to those around them. Henceforth, all of our teachers have gone through extensive classes and workshops. As both professionals and individuals they are constantly growing and learning.

Ella Glushkova —

is the creator of Family Soft School. She is a correction pedagogic therapist and a published author. She has not only written books on children’s development and upbringing, but she has also facilitated multiple pediatric seminars and conferences. Finally, she is the organizer of these Russian and international integration camps, such as FSS. Meet Ella